Achievements in nuclear power, aerospace and high-speed rail are closely related to valves.


Nuclear power project

The Chinese nuclear industry group is the main body of the National Nuclear Science and technology industry. It has a complete nuclear science and technology industry system. It is the core of the national strategic force and the main force of the national nuclear energy development and nuclear power construction. Recently, 3 main steam isolation valves from the Fuqing nuclear power unit, Fuqing nuclear power group, have been successfully completed, indicating that China has the ability to develop important nuclear power valves for third generation of nuclear power.

"Hualong No. 1" another key instrument and equipment to achieve localization.

After the first pressure vessel of Hualong No. 1 key equipment was built in China, another key equipment of Hualong No.1 was localized. In April 13th, 3 main steam isolation valves from the Fuqing nuclear power unit 5 unit of the nuclear group were successfully completed and had the delivery conditions ahead of time. This signifies that China has the ability to develop important nuclear power valves for third generation of nuclear power. It lays a solid foundation for the smooth construction of the first unit of the "Hualong No. 1" and the building of the beautiful Hualong card.

The main steam isolation valve is the most important safety barrier on the two main steam pipeline of the nuclear power plant. It belongs to the key equipment of the nuclear power plant. Its localization is very important to the construction of "Hualong No. 1" demonstration project and "going out", which will further improve its security, economy and market competitiveness.

In accordance with the policy of "independent design, independent manufacturing, independent construction and independent operation", the China nuclear group has constantly improved the localization rate of the "Hualong No. 1" equipment. Since the "Hualong No. 1" is more secure, it brings more challenges to the localization of the main steam isolation valve. China nuclear group China Nuclear Power Engineering Co, in hand in hand in the design and manufacture of the equipment, has attacked the design and procurement of the main steam isolation valve and other technical difficulties. Before the completion of equipment manufacturing and factory acceptance, for nuclear island key valve delivery to win a good start.

Space project

With the successful completion of the mission of "Tiangong two", the companies behind the "Tiangong No. two" have taken off the veil of mystery and entered the field of vision. Among them, China Aerospace Science and Engineering Group (hereinafter referred to as "Aerospace Science and technology") Henan Aerospace Corporation, with its outstanding strength, is particularly eye-catching.

Henan spaceflight Corporation is the only specialized manufacturer of the design and production of hydraulic pneumatic products including valves, which focuses on the development of four kinds of products such as high end hydraulic pneumatic valve, hydraulic pneumatic pipeline and connecting parts, hydraulic pneumatic system equipment and pipeline valve. In the flight mission of "Tian Gong two", Henan spaceflight company took over 9 varieties of the thermal control system of Shenzhou eleven and Tian Gong two, the docking system of the spaceship and the space station, and more than 460 sets of valve product development and production tasks.

Valve, as an essential part of spacecraft, is related to the safety and successful completion of the mission. Different valves are responsible for different tasks in the space mission, and the Henan Aerospace Corporation, as an experienced "veteran" enterprise, has developed a series of products for various missile weapon systems, military aircraft, Shenzhou series and Chang'e series and other national key Aeronautics and Astronautics projects. It occupies a unique position in the domestic hydraulic pneumatic valve industry and has the advantage of technology.

High speed rail project

The 4 kinds of high speed iron special valves developed by the 695 factory of Henan Aerospace Industry General Co., Ltd. have been approved by the Beijing Said Gauk Railway Electric Technology Co., Ltd. by the high score of 97.3 points. At this point, the technical level of the electromagnetic valve and pressure reducing valve developed by the factory for high-speed trains has reached the level of similar products abroad.

As the only military industrial enterprise of China Aerospace Industry Group Co., Ltd., the 695 factory relies on its own core technical advantages, such as technology and design, which has been formed by its own space special valves for more than 20 years, and makes a team of high professional technology and strong business ability.

On the basis of independent innovation, the factory continuously introduces and assimilate advanced foreign technology. It breaks through the development of design, process, raw materials, production, manufacture, test and after-sales service. It has a key step on the domestic road of high speed train special valve.

Replacement of imported high speed rail

The solenoid valve is the pilot valve of the high-speed train receiving control system, which plays the purpose of controlling the circuit.

The 695 factory was inspired to repair the malfunction of the solenoid valve manufactured by the French Alstom Ltd on high speed trains in China, and to see the market prospect of the product. In January 2010, the factory set up a special valve project group for high speed trains, and began to develop and develop 4 kinds of high speed iron special valves, including a solenoid valve, two electromagnets and a pressure regulator.

The project group ventured to take the route of "original innovation of core technology, integrated innovation and large-scale promotion" to carry out research and development of the project and prototype production.

In the process of development, the project team has submitted a list of documents, the supplier rating scale, the supplier evaluation questionnaire according to the potential supplier qualification audit, and formulating the plan pertinent to the project. Two times the detailed internal review of the plant resource allocation and the operation of the quality management system has been carried out, and the unqualified items are recognized. True rectification, and submit the product to the railway vehicle inspection station of the Ministry of Railways product quality supervision and inspection center before conducting the qualification test before the two party audit.

The results show that the product meets the technical agreement requirements and can replace imported products. At present, customers have agreed to carry out trial loading of the products approved.